Task 1

Among the following types of books, which do you dislike the most? Romantic books, science fiction, or biography.

Task 2

Do you like talking to people face to face, or sending text messages or emails?

Task 3

The school plans to stop serving junk food at the dining hall because it can make the food healthier and also save money for students.

Task 4

Rational ignorance: When people make a big purchase, they are willing to take time to learn about it, but not when they buy unimportant things.

Task 5

The woman’s problem is that she’s going to organize a concert, but the weather forecast says it’s going to rain.

Task 6

Animals with children have better able to find food. The professor takes a kind of rat as an example. Rats with children are better able to find the route that leads to food, and they are faster to go back to their children and protect them from predators.