My Opinion on Human-powered Search
Human-powered search, or Renrou Sousuo, hasgained its popularity among Netizens in recentyears. With Netizens participating in search,humanpowered search becomes an efficient tool tofind desired information. In 2006, a Netizen uploadeda picture showing that a "beautiful” woman wasmaltreating a delicate kitty. The maltreatment wasso intolerable that Netizens decided to find out the culprit. Six days later, an anonymousNetizen submitted a post describing that the wanted woman lived in a town in a northernprovince andother detailed information. This successful case is followed by a series of human-powered search and arouses an ongoing controversy over the legality of human-poweredsearch.
Personally, I am of opinion that the new way of search is acceptable. Firstly, in retrospect,nearly all the targets of human-powered search are directed to those who violated moral rulesof our society, or are corrupted officials. Thanks to the human-powered search, those immoralpeople have been made public. Some did now show due respect to our former leaders, somespread erotic video to make a name, some outlet their personal resentment by makingnegative comments on earthquake-stricken victims, some maltreat their step-children, to lista few of those norm violators. Undoubtedly, once those culprits have been located by combinedefforts of Netizens, they would get at least moral punishments. In this sense, human-poweredsearch proves to be an effective means to find out norm violators and even criminals and givethem a dose of theirown medicine, so that we can build a more harmonious society.
Secondly, through the process of human-powered search, participants get educated byrenouncing the immoralities and hence established norms get strengthened. In a societywhere members lay their emphasis on how to make a fortune, how to gain celebrity, and howto climb to a higher layer of power pyramid, traditional virtues are deteriorating, whichexplains the frequency of those moral violations in recent years. When participants succeededin putting those moral violators under public scrutiny. they will not only take pridein theirsuccess to enforce moral rules, but also realize that they will get the same dose of medicine ifthey make similar mistakes. Gradually, the severity of moral punishments is likely to beconveyed to the whole society and therefore virtues get consolidated.
As a coin has two sides, human-powered search is accused of intruding personal privacy andother negative points. In some cities, authorities have tried to prohibit the search. However,norm violators should not get away with punishment. I believe that, with the gradualperfection of human-powered search, it will receive a wide application.