1. In his plays Shakespeare _makes____ his characters live through their language.2008
  A. would make    B. had made   C. made   D. makes
2. Linda was to have started_____ the experiment a month ago, but she changed her mind at the last minute.2007
  A. to start    B. to have started    C. to be starting    D. to have been starting
3. The committee has anticipated the problems that _will arise___in the road construction project.2007
  A. arise      B. will arise     C. arose    D. have arisen
4. The student said there were a few points in the essay he _had found ____impossible to comprehend.2007/2006
  A. had found    B. finds      C. has found      D. would find
5. James has just arrived, but I didn’t know he _was coming________ until yesterday.2005
  A. will come        B. was coming       C. had been coming   D. came
6. I have been and always_will be___ conscious of my moral obligations as a citizen.2005
  A. I was and always will be                B. I have to be and always will be
  C. I had been and always will be            D. I have been and always will be
7. Jack has been missing______from home for two days now, and I am beginning to worry about his safety. 2003
  A. has been missing   B. has been missed   C. had been missing   D. was missed   
8. For some time now, world leaders _have been pointing____out the necessity for agreement on arms reduction.2002
  A. had been pointing   B. have been pointing   C. were pointing   D. pointed    
9. How can I ever concentrate if you _are____continually _interrupting____me with silly questions?1997
  A. have…interrupted  B. had…interrupted  C. are…interrupting  D. were…interrupting 
10. Mr. White works with a chemicals import and export company, but he _is working____for this industrial fair, since he is on leave. 1997
  A. has worked    B. works     C. has been working     D. is working
11. –“I bought this shirt for 35 Yuan yesterday.” --“It’s on sale today for only 29. You should have waited.”--“Oh really? But how _did___ I know?” (1993)
  A. would      B. can     C. did    D. Do
12. When .I-arrived at the meeting, the first speaker_____and the audience_were clapping____.1992
  A. had finished speaking, were clapping     B. had finished speaking, had clapped
  C. finished speaking, clapped              D. finished speaking, were clapping
考点1:every, each的用法比较
  Each:两者或两者以上/ Every:三者或三者以上
考点:2:another, other, the other, others, the others
  the other两者中的“另一个”,是特指
  others泛指“其他人”或“其他物”= other + 名复
  the others指整体中除去一部分后,剩余的全部
考点3:it, one, ones, the one, the ones, that, those
  one :表同类但不同物,表单数,可用形容词修饰,泛指
  the one :表同类但不同物,表特指,表单数
  that:表同类但不同物, 指代单数或不可数
  the ones / those:表同类不同物,表特指,表复数
(1) As much as 达到(和)。。。(一样)的程度
1. Language belongs to each member of the society, to the cleaner_as much as____ to the professor.1998
  A. as far as    B. the same as    C. as much as     D. as long as
(2) So as to 为的是以便
(3) Such as to 以致
(4) as well (as) 也,以及,还;和;不仅(连接并列成分或从句)
1. When one has good health, _he____ should feel fortunate.2010
  A. you     B. they     C. he    D. We
2. The following are all correct responses to "Who told the news to the teacher?" EXCEPT Jim did this    .2008
  A. Jim did this.  B. Jim did so.  C. Jim did that.  D. Jim did.
3. Children who stay away from school do _their_______ for different reasons.2005
  A. them        B. /          C. it          D. Theirs
4. Your ideas, _like hers______, seem unusual to me.2003
  A. like her   B. like hers    C. similar to her   D. similar to herself  
5. It was as a physician that he represented himself, and_as such____ he was warmly received.1997
  A. as such        B. such as        C. as that       D. so that         
6. Bill. felt cold_most_of night____.1991
  A. much of the night  B. most of the night  C. much through the night      D. the most of the night
1. Which of the following words can NOT be used to complete "We've seen the film _yet___"?2010
  A. before     B. recently     C. lately    D. yet
2. He feels that he is not yet _strong enough___ to travel abroad.2010
  A. too strong    B. enough strong    C. so strong    D. strong enough
3. Which of the following adverbs can NOT be used to complete " Quite_____ everybody came"?2009
  A. Nearly   B. Quite   C. Practically    D. Almost
4. What does "He wisely refused to spend his money" mean?2008
  A. It was wise of him to refuse to spend his money.   B. He refused to spend his money in a wise manner.
  C. He was short of money and didn't want to buy anything.  D. He refused, in a wise manner, to spend his money.
5. Susan is very hard-working, but her pay is not_good enough_ for her work.2006
  A. enough good  B. good enough  C. as good enough  D. good as enough
6. She managed to save _such litter money______she could out of her wages to help her brother.2002
  A. how little money  B. so little money  C. such little money  D. what little money 
7. The patient’s progress was very encouraging as he could _nearly__ get out of bed without help.2001?
  A. nearly   B. hardly   C. merely   D. barely
8. I felt that I was not yet _strong enough______to travel abroad.1997
  A. too strong   B. strong enough   C. so strong   D. enough strong    
1. My daughter has walked eight miles today. We never guessed that she could walk _that__ far.2006
  A. /       B. such     C. that     D. as?
2. Issues of price, place, promotion, and product are among the most conventional concerns in planning marketing strategies. 2004?
  A. these of the most   B. most of those?C. among the most   D. among the many of?     
1. Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT? 2010
  A. They each have two tickets.           B. They cost twenty yuan each.
  C. Each they have bought the same book.  D. They were given two magazines each.
1. Which of the following sentences is INCORRECT?2010
  A. All his lectures are very interesting.     B. Half their savings were gone.
  C. Many his friends came to the party.     D. Both his sisters are nurses.
2. Which of the following is INCORRECT?2008
  A. All his lectures were boring.   C. Her few friends are all fond of dancing.
  B. Half his money was gone.     D. He invited many his friends to the party.
1. The manager is not likely to agree to  all other  propositions.2004
  A. Other these  B. Other all  C. All other  D. Other any
1. The idea of traveling through _the____ space to other planets interests many people today.1995
  A. a       B. the       C. /        D. one                         
2. The ___human problems that repeat themselves in _the _ life repeat themselves in the___ literature. 1994
  A. /, /, the      B. /, the, /      C. The ,/ ,/    D. The, the, the         
3.The rising crime rate is ____a____ major concern of ___/____ society. 1993
  A.the, the       B.a , /       C.a, the       D./ , the
4. Ted couldn't remember the exact date of the storm, but he knew it was___a__Sunday because everybody was at/       church.1992
  A. / , the        B. a , /       C. / , a          D. the, /
5. I want an assistant with_a__ knowledge of French and _/__ experience in handling office routine.1990
  A. a, /       B. a, an       C. /, an            D. /, /
1. Acute hearing helps most animals sense the approach of thunderstorms long before people _do____.2000
  A. do   B. hear   C. do them    D. hearing it                     
2. The central provinces have floods in some years, and drought in others______. 2000
  A. drought in others   B. droughts are others   C. while other droughts   D. others in drought
3. It was only_when the unearthed pot was_____ repaired by expert hands that its value and beauty revealed to the eye.1991
  A. the unearthed pot was   B. that the unearthed pot was
  C. when the unearthed pot was  D. the unearthed pot if
1. Seem的用法
(1) seem常常和不定式,形容词,分词,名词和介词短语搭配。
  1) seem后跟不定式(短语)时,要注意不定式所表示动作发生的时间,以此来确定不定式的时态。seem后不定式的否定式习惯上用 don’t 来代替,(放在seem 前),
  2) seem +形容词=seem+to be+adj。但目前由于英语的发展,seem+to be+形容词结构的用法已越来越少,seem+adj的结构已趋成型,属口语语体。
  3) seem后用现在分词还是过去分词取决于分词本身的逻辑主语,如句中的主语是分词的逻辑主语,用现在分词,反之用过去分词。
(2) seem常用于it作形式主语的“It seems/seemed that……”结构。在这一句式中,常省去that。
(3) seem常用于由as if/though引导的从句中,在这种句式中,如从句所叙述的情实现的可能性比较大,从句谓语用陈述语气;若实现的可能性较小,或根本不可能实现,从句的谓语则用虚拟语气。
(4) seem通常用在“It seems(seemed)to sb(that)……”的结构中,这种结构常用来表示“行为”的主体。
(5) seems也常用在“there seem(s) to be”句式中,用来代替be,作句子的谓语。这个结构的否定形式为“There seem(s) to be +no+n.”或“There doesn’t seem to be +n.”
(6) seem有时也同人称代词I连用,意为“感到好像、觉得似乎”等意。
1. After_what___ seemed an endless wait, it was his turn to enter the personnel manager's office.2010
  A. that     B. it     C. what     D. there
2. "It seems that she was there at the conference." The sentence means that she seems to have been there at the conference   . 2009
  A. she seems to be there at the conference.   B. she seemed to be there at the conference.
  C. she seems to have been there at the conference.   D. she seemed to being there at the conference.
3. At three o'clock this morning, I seemed_to hear__ someone scream in the street.1990
  A. hearing   B. having heard   C. to have heard     D. to hear
2. anything but / nothing but
(1) anything but 绝不,根本不。
(2) nothing but除……而外;什么也没有;只有。后面可接名词、代词和不定式。不定式通常要带to;但当其前面的动词是do,或只有情态动词时,but后面的不定式要省去to。
1. I know he failed his last test, but really he’s __anything but_______ stupid.2005
  A. something but    B. anything but   C. nothing but    D. not but
3. Type of / sort of有点...
1. Because fuel supplies are finite and many people are wasteful, we will have to install __some sort of_______ solar heating device in our home.2005
  A. some type of   B. some types of a  C. some type of a  D. some types of
4. Not counting + n. 不算,不包括
1. There are only ten apples left in the baskets, not counti____ the spoilt ones.2006ng
  A. not counting   B. not to count   C. don’t count   D. having not counted
5. as...as it could be: ...极了;越...越好
1. They stood chatting together as easily and naturally as it could be____.2008
  A. it could be   B. could be   C. it was   D. was
6. all the more 更加
1. She has taken great pains to conceal her emotions, and thereby made them _all the more_____conspicuous. 1994
  A. all the more    B. all the much    C. all more    D. all much
7. The more...the more...
1. The less the surface of the ground yields to the weight of a fully-loaded truck, the greater stress is ____ to the truck. 2004
  A. the greater stress is   B. greater is the stress?C. the stress is greater    D. the greater the stress
2. The higher the standard of living, the_greater the amount of goods consumed_____.1991
  A. greater is the amount of goods is consumed    B. greater amount of goods consumed
  C. amount of goods is used is greater           D. greater the amount of goods consumed
8. be too much of ... to do  过于
1. He was_too much of a coward__to tell the truth even to his closest friend.  2001?
  A. too much of a coward   B. too much the coward? C. a coward enough   D. enough of a coward
9. As regards sth=with special reference to sth
1. You needn’t worry _as__ regards the cost of the operation. 2001?
  A. with    B. which    C. as    D. about
10. There is no such thing as + (a) noun. 
    在这个句型中,as后面接的是there的实意,例如:There is no such thing as a perfect human.
也就是说(a perfect human) is no such thing.  有没有冠词a取决于加的名词是不是可数。
1. Land belongs to the city; there is not such__ thing as private ownership of land. 2006
  A. no such a     B. not such     C. not such a     D. no such
2. My Scottish friend says there is no such thing as a ______ monster in Loch Ness. 1993
  A.no such thing as   B.no such thing as a?  C.no such a thing as   D.no such a thing as a 
11.It be + adj. for there to be 的用法
  It is impossible for there to be any more chance. 不可能在有机会了。
  It was too late for there to be any buses. 时间太晚,不会有汽车了。
  We waited for there to be another opportunity. 我们期待着还有下一次机会。
1. It is not uncommon for there _to be ___ problems of communication between the old and the young.2007
  A. being        B. would be     C. be      D. to be
12. so as to do为的是,以便 
   such as to do 达到这样的程度以致=such that
1. His remarks were _such as to_______ annoy everybody at the meeting.2005
  A. so as to          B. such as to        C. such to           D. as much as to
2. His strong sense of humor was _such as to_______ make everyone in the room burst out laughing.1998
  A. so as to  B. such as to  C. so that  D. such that
3. The brilliance of his satires was _such as to____make even his victims laugh.  1996
  A. so as to      B. such as to     C. so that     D. such that  
13. only to do 常表示意想不到或不愉快的结果。
1. The three men tried many times to sneak across the border into the neighboring country, only to be captured___by the police each time. 1999
  A. had been captured    B. being always captured   C. only to be captured   D. unfortunately captured  
14. cannot / hardly / never / scarcely be too …to…“越…越好;无论…也/都不过分”。
1. Dr Johnson is head of the department, and____ an expert in translation.2010
   A. or     B. either     C. but     D. and
2. Which of the following italicized phrases indicates CAUSE?  2010
  A. Why don't you do it for the sake of your friends?   B. I wish I could write as well as you.
  C. For all his efforts, he didn't get an A.    D. Her eyes were red from excessive reading.
3. Which of the following sentences has an object complement?2010
  A. The directors appointed John manager.    B. I gave Mary a Christmas present.
  C. You have done Peter a favour.      D. She is teaching children English.
4. In "How much do you think he earns?" how much is _the object_____ of the sentence.2009
  A. the subject   B. the adverbial   C. the object   D. the complement
5. Who you said_______was coming to see me in my office this afternoon?2003
  A. you said    B. did you say   C. did you say that    D. you did say
6. Even as a girl, Melissa knew that performing was____ to be her life, and theater audiences were to be her best teacher. (2001)
  A. performing by Melissa were     B. it was known that Melissa’s performances were
  C. knowing that Melissa’s performances were    D. Melissa knew that performing was