Conducting Moral Education in Colleges

1. 许多大学开展道德教育

2. 开展道德教育的意义

3. 如何在大学开展道德教育


In the current world, college students become morally more tolerant to the phenomena such as exam—cheating, academic dishonesty and default on loans. In this case, it’ s urgently important that we conduct moral education in college.

Moral education is beneficial in the following aspects. To begin with, it makes us aware of our personal responsibility. We must comply with social moral standards and learn to behave and conduct ourselves in society. Secondly, moral education teaches us to shun evil and do good, turning the uncivilized to the civilized. Thirdly, with higher moral standards, we will be more considerate towards others and avoid quarrels or conflicts, which contributes to maintaining a harmonious society.

As for how to conduct moral education in college, on one hand, theoretical moral education should be integrated into all aspects of campus life, including classroom teaching and extracurricular activities. On the other hand, we should encourage students to take part in moral practices such as volunteer activities. Through these measures, they will know better about the meaning of life and shoulder their social responsibilities.