Does Higher Education Cease to Be Useful?

1. 大学生毕业找工作难,有人开始宣扬高等教育无用论

2. 反驳说明这一观点是错的

3. 得出结论


In the current climate of rising college fees and tight job market, the functions of higher education is arousing public concern. Having a degree or not seems not to make any difference to our life and may not necessarily guarantee a good job and income.

Students who attend higher education obtain a wide range of personal, financial and other lifelong benefits. First of all, the whole experiences of university life including all the academic lectures and social practices forge our personality and cultivate such virtues as cooperativeness and openness. In addition, according to the statistics, there is a trendy correlation between higher level of education and higher earnings despite the fierce job hunting competition. University is a huge advantage if we need to acquire expertise to practice in a meaningful profession.

In my opinion, it would be wise to attend university. Having a decent degree and being broadly intelligent may not guarantee us success, but it makes us a candidate.