Plastic Surgery

1. 目前越来越多的人接受整形手术

2. 人们因为不同的原-因接受整形手术

3. 作为大学生我的看法

Plastic Surgery

Appearance was once regarded as something we were born with and fixed. However, it is a different story now. Thanks to the advanced medical technology, people are able to change their original faces or other body parts, and plastic surgery now enjoys great popularity around the world.

People take plastic surgery for different reasons. Some spend a great deal of money on the plastic surgery because they dream of becoming a film or TV star but they are not beautiful by birth. Some, however, have to take the surgery because of certain birth defects, such as harelip and lameness, and injuries in accidents. There emerges a new group nowadays — college fresh female grads who insist that a beauty will land a job much more easily.

In my view, it’s not necessary that people try to beautify themselves. What we should bear in mind is that being natural is being beautiful. What’s more, people should judge others by their capacity instead of their appearances.