Should Graduates Spend Much on Job Hunting?

1. 目前大学生在求职上花的钱越来越多

2. 人们对此看法不一

3. 我的看法

Should Graduates Spend Much on Job Hunting?

Nowadays college graduates spend more and more money on job hunting. According to a recent survey, almost every graduate spends some money on finding a job. And clothing, transportation, resumes producing and training expense are the main aspects that cost them a lot of money.

As to this phenomenon, different people have different views. Some say it is necessary for graduates to spend money in producing embellished resumes and buying suitable clothes, which can give interviewers a good impression and increase their chance of success. However, others don’t think so. They argue that the high expenditure can increase their parents’ financial burden since most students have no regular income. Apart from that, the decorated resumes do little help to find a job because most HR managers pay more attention to skills.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong for graduates to invest some money on job hunting. But they should bear in mind that it is their knowledge, skills as well as experience that matter a lot. So they must have a rational attitude toward what they should buy and how much money they should spend.