Task1 – If you were asked to do community service, which of the following activities do you like to choose and why? ①Help children with their homework. ②Teach adults how you use computer. ③Clean the community park.

Task2 – Some people prefer a job dealing with different tasks, while others prefer a job dealing with tasks following the routine and predictable. Which do you prefer and why?


Reading: 学校决定设置一个art club, 但是不算学分students can still pursue their major degree,另外,能提供affordable museum tickets.

Listening: 男生同意,理由一,他在高中的时候非常喜欢艺术,但现在的专业是chemistry,所以这个art club能够give him chance to pursue interest without worrying about influencing his credit.理由二, museum ticket is expensive for students. It’s a good chance for them to enjoy the art that they cannot afford before.


Reading: Logically consequence dentition: The teacher may use the logically consequence to lick the students’ wrong behavior with the negative consequence to correct it.

Listening: The professor used to teach little kids, and sometimes teach them how to use pen to paint. A girl named Mary, painted on the desk and damaged some facilities, the professor punished her by not allowing her to go out play with other kids. But Mary still misbehaved next time, this time the professor punished her by not allowing her to use the pen, and it did work, Mary correct her wrong behavior this time.


Problem: The boy just moves to an apartment, and have some furniture left in the old apartment, he can’t rent a small track.

Solution 1: rent a big one, but it’s more expensive, he thinks it’s not worthy.

Solution 2: borrow a car from his friends, but he should run for several times cuz the car is not big enough to contain all the furniture.



如果水流很急,鱼不能待在那,那么它们可以expand its budy ,比如cat fish.

如果水流太急,鱼找不到食物,它们会在岸边慢慢游着,水流相对比较慢,静候食物,比如chaoter fish.