BEC商务英语,商务英语考试中的No.1,含金量已经无需多言。但是,无论是还在犹豫是否要参加BEC考试的,还是已经通过BEC考试的,都在疑惑到底学了BEC有什么用呢?让我们通过下面的学习来看看BEC到底都能让我们获得什么。听力:我觉得听力的收获最大。大概是因为本来我就每天练习听力的缘故,虽然一开始的听力课几乎不懂,但是,到后来那些常用的商业词汇和一些简单的商业场景熟悉了之后,就觉得好多了。而且,那个听力老师教的精听听力的方法,也是和现在一样,用听写,每句听写下来再跟读,再加速跟读,辨音,这样会有效果的。 当然,仍然有不少听不懂的地方,就是听力不好!还有长长的路啊。听力考试说得很好的一个是, 要增强商业逻辑,business logic & business sense。在听力里面有些就是听语气语感和逻辑,不全明白也得到the hidden message就需要这个了。我觉得这个词汇训练很有用!

61. get on one’s nerve 招惹某人神经了

A: Why did you come to the meeting late? I left amessage with your roommate about the timechange.

B: She has a very short memory and it reallygets on my nerve sometimes.

62. get started on 开始做

We should get started on the project.

63. get time off from work 从工作中抽时间

Oh. so she was able to get time off from the work.

64.give credibility to 相信

A: did you hear about Jim?

B: I wouldn’t give that rumor any credibility.

65.go easy on 温和对待

Well. since it’s your first and only ticket. the judge will probably go easy on you.

66.go in one ear and out the other 一耳朵进,一耳朵出

Well. you know Mike. everything’s in one ear and out the other.

67.go jogging 去跑步

Are you ready to go jogging?

68.go to one’s head 某人自负

A: Have you noticed how John’s changed since he became student government president?

B: I think the whole thing has gone to his head. and he used to be so sociable and open. the time 几点了

A: Got the time?

B: It’s a little after ten.

70. graduation announcements 毕业典礼请柬

Have you ordered your graduation announcements?