A: I’ve read your resume and know a lot of things about your qualifications for this position. One thing you didn’t mention is why you left your last job? I know the company you worked for is a good company.

B: yes, it’s a good company. But the management changed last month. We didn’t get along, so I quit.

A: I understand. Why would you like to join our company?

B: I’m qualified for this position. And I’ve heard a lot of good things about your company.

A: Like what?

B: You take care of your employees. And your company offers good salaries and benefits.

A: that’s good to know. Why do you think you’re qualified for this position?

B: I’ve got over seven years’ experience working in this kind of position. I know I can do a good job in this position.

A: 我已读了你的简历,了解了很多关于你的情况。有一件事儿你没有涉及到,那就是你为什么辞去你最后的那份工作?我知道你工作的那家公司是一家挺好的公司。

B: 是的。是一家不错的公司。但是,上个月,那家公司的管理层发生了变动。我和新的管理层不大合得来,所以我辞职了。

A: 我明白了。那你为什么愿意加盟我们公司?

B: 我想我能胜任这份工作。而且贵公司的好名声我早有耳闻。

A: 比如说?

B: 贵公司关心员工,工资和福利待遇好。

A: 听到这些我很高兴。你为什么认为你胜任这一职位?

B: 在这个职位上,我有七年多的工作经历。我知道我能在这个职位上做得很好。