What is the most boring job you've ever had?How did you do at it?


I don't really think I've ever had a boring job,but if I have to choose one,it would probably be the winter job I had at a post office when I was in high school.


The job involved sorting New Year's postcards for delivery for eight hours a day every day for about a month.


I don't know how it is done now,but back then it was all done manually.


I got the knack immediately,so I had to make it more interesting and challenging for myself—I timed myself sorting the postcards and every time I tried to finish faster and faster.


The full-time worker who supervised me was impressed and said I was the fastest and also the most accurate.


It was a great experience for a high school student.


当被问及这类问题时,你可以回答“I have never had a boring job.”,也可以举出一些与应聘职位无关的工作经历。