51. How did Mary make all of her money? 玛丽所有的钱是怎么赚到的?

52. How was your date? 你的约会怎么样?

53. How are you doing with your new boss? 你跟你的新上司处得如何?

54. How should I tell him the bad news? 我该如何告诉他这个坏消息?

55. How much money did you make? 你赚了多少钱?

56. How much does it cost to go abroad? 出国要多少钱?

57. How long will it take to get to your house? 到你家要多久?

58. How long have you been here? 你在这里多久了?

59. It feels like I've been here before. 感觉我以前来过这里。

60. How about going out for dinner? 出去吃晚餐如何?