1. Your friend often feels afraid when speaking in front of a large group of people. What suggestions would you like to give to this friend of yours?

2. When you take a trip, do you prefer to just look around, or do you prefer to take pictures and keep journal on the trip.

3. In the letter, the student suggests that the school should allow students to drink beverages in the library. In the conversation, the girl disagrees. First, there is a café which is not far away from the library. It only takes a few minutes to walk, which is a good way to relax. Besides, accidents do happen sometimes no matter how careful you are with the beverage. So in the long run, there will be stains on the book or damage on the computer.

4. Information overload means amount of information exceeds people’s capacity. 教授给了两个例子,第一个是招聘员工,第一天就收到了很多的应聘和简历,没有时间去一个个看,只能随机抽取来看,以至于很多优秀的应聘者错过了。

5. 女生学习很忙,同时还有兼职工作,所以没有时间去健身房锻炼。两个解决办法,第一是骑自行车去学校而不坐公车,但是时间很长,并且天气很热。第二个方法是早起去健身房,健完身洗澡,但是要早起。

6. Arctic的动物有两种方法适应寒冷的天气,第一种是BASKING,蝴蝶展开翅膀,吸收太阳能,保持自身温度。第二种是FREEZING TOLERENCE, 尽管体内水分冻结,但是体内的CHEMICAL物质可以防止冻伤,当温度回升的时候,会恢复到正常情况。