Ted Brings Home More Good News

1. Amber and I are going to break into [进入/军某行业] the music business.
2. Last night after our concert, a talent agent asked us to meet with him in New York.
3. He will fly us to New York.
4. We'll give you some spending money [零用钱] for your trip.
5. No need. The agent is footing the bill [pay] for everything. And when we get there, he's going to wine and dine [款待] us.
6. He must think you're the cream of the crop [the best of a group].
7. You're really out of it [外行].
8. Our family is certainly on a winning streak [a series of wins 好事连连].
9. I was elected/ named/ president of the Spanish Club today.
10. Big deal! [没什么了不起的!] [cf. It’s no big deal/No big deal. 不是什么大事]
11. You don't get it, Ted. This is only the beginning. Today, president of the Spanish Club. Tomorrow, ambassador to Spain!
12. Well, Ambassador, you'll need to wrap up [finish] my chemistry homework before you leave for the Spanish Embassy.