Amber Writes a Song

1. Ted, you know how all along [一直,从头到尾] you've been in charge of all the lyrics [words of a song] for our band?
2. I'm sick and tired of [强调式,be sick of + be tired of] singing your songs all the time. I want to sing my own songs!
3. Okay, no need to freak out [go wild, lose one's cool]!
4. First things first. Have you written a song yet?
5. Okay, but it's still a work in progress.
6. Stop trying to buy (some) time [争取时间]. Let's hear the song!
7. Cut it out [stop it!]! Stop teasing me. I am cured.
8. All better [completely cured]?
9. I'll never bake another cookie again. My parents made a fortune. Now we can all just chill out [relax]!