Bob Has a Surprise Visitor

1. Bob's former boss Peter, from the furniture store, comes to visit. He offers Bob his old job back.
2. I was just in the neighborhood so I thought I'd stop by.
3. Come on in. [This is a more conversational way of saying "come in".]
4. I'm glad to see you're not holding a grudge against [怀恨,stay angry with someone about a past offense] me for firing you.
5. At first, it burned me up. But I feel better now.
6. Good. I'm glad you have no hard feelings [不满;与4.近义].
7. She drank at work. By five o'clock, she'd be lying under a dining room table, three sheets to the wind [very drunk].
8. Let me get this straight [弄清楚]. You replaced me with some crazy woman who got plastered [get drunk] every day on the job?
9. I lost my head [昏头了].
10. I'm trying to level with [speak frankly] you. I never should've let you go [fire, dismiss]. [cf. lesson 2 take you back]
11. No use crying over spilt milk [后悔药没得吃].
12. How would you like your old job back?
13. Not on your life [绝不]! Susan and I are very well off [wealthy] now. We just sold our company for a small fortune!