Bob Gets an Angry Call from Carol

1. Bob, a lady came into the Village Market today ranting and raving [talk loudly, often in anger].
2. I can see how she'd be taken aback [be surprised].
3. Aren't you blowing things out of proportion [小题大做]?
4. The health department would throw the book at [严惩(起源于法官将book-所有的适用惩罚条款-甩向被告)me if they found out about this.-销售三无食品
5. Could’n't we just sweep this under the rug [hide - 很形象]?
6. But I was just getting a handle on [理解,掌握] the cookie business. Now what will I do? I don't have any other way of making a living!
7. My heart goes out to you [同情], Bob, but you need to get your act together [把事情料理妥帖; 集中心思].
8. I guess I just knocked myself out for [work very hard at something] the past week for nothing.