Nicole’s Close Election

1. Nicole loses the election at school. She doesn't want to accept it, so she looks for excuses.
2. Ted encourages her to accept defeat and move on.
3. I lost the election by a hair很形象 — just 10 votes!
4. Give me a break, Nicole. You lost. Live with it! [learn to live with it]
5. But I was a sure thing! If I hadn't stayed up so late baking cookies, I wouldn't have messed up [搞砸] my speech.
6. Get real. = Be realistic!
7. Don't try to put the blame on me! I gave it my best shot.
8. They must've made a mistake while counting the votes. I'll demand a re-count and set the record straight [纠正错误].
9. Don't make a fool of yourself, Nicole. Face it, Andrea won the election fair and square [光明正大]!
10. Here, take a chocolate chip cookie. That'll cheer you up for sure!