The Importance of Self-confidence
Confidence, in a broad sense, comprises self-trust, self-esteem, courage and indomitability. This definition, though somewhat vague and unsubstantial, can be appreciated through experience because in our lifetime, we are always seeking to achieve something successful and are always longing to attain a glorious goal, which can only be reached with the spirit of self-confidence.
As is known, self-confidence is accompanied by will, and that as a twin, offers hope. Those who do not have a strong will often think themselves unable to carry out any thorny tasks, while those who have do not find the tas ks unsurmountably difficult. In fact, when our heart is void of selfconfidence, every hope is gone, every thing on which we put our hands seems to be veiled in dark. For instance, according to experts, every year in the entrance examinations of all kinds, fully-prepared candidates lose nearly 5% to 10% of the full scores, and consequently meet their Water loo simply because they underestimate their own abilities on the one hand, and over estimate possible difficulties on the other. As a result, their fear to meet new challenge leads to helpless ness in the examination.
Self-confidence can be regained (if you have ever lost it) by building faith in your self. True, whatever you do, you will encounter hardships. But success will come to you if you are courageous enough to strive for it. If you are not, failure might be your life-companion.
* Self-trust, self-esteem, etc.
* Lifetime goal and self-confidence
·Importance of self-confidence
* Self-confidence and will
* Those with self-confidence and those without selfconfidence,
e.g.· Self-confidence can be regained
本文是一篇议论文。文中第一段论述了自信的定义; 第二段从正反两方面论述自信的重要性; 最后一段是结论。本文中复合句运用较多, 用词也很考究。下面提供的写作思路以及所用的词语和表达都值得很好学习。
in a broad sense 从广义来看
self-trust n. 自我信任
self-esteem n. 自重
indomitability n. 不屈不挠
somewhat vague and unsubstantial 有些模糊和不实
seek to + v. 谋求
long to + v. 渴望
be accompanied by... 伴随着……
twin n. 双生, 成对
thorny tasks 棘手的任务, 艰难的工作
uns urmountably ad . 不可逾越的
be void of... 缺乏……
be veiled in dark 遮盖在黑暗中, 即指看不到希望
experts n. 专家
meet Waterloo 失败(以拿破仑在滑铁卢大败作比喻)
unde restimate v. 低估
ove restimate v. 高估
True, whatever you do, 诚然, 无论你做什么事,
courageous a. 勇敢的
strive for 争取
life-companion 终生相伴