Love and Learning

Towards love and learning, college teachers and students hold controversial views.
The majority of college teachers, especially old teachers, argue that students should give up love and concentrate on learning. They say that campus love is time-and-energy-consuming and tears students away from their main task. If a student ever falls in love, he/she will undoubtedly neglect his/her studies and gradually lag behind his/her classmates. A few teachers, therefore, suggest that the university authorities restore the traditional regulation against love during students' school years .
On the contrary, students hold that it is natural for young people to fall in love on the campus because they meet every day and their everyday meeting produces romantic passion towards each other. They insist that the campus is not the Garden of Eden and love is not the Forbidden Tree. They take for example some of theirf riends who, falling in love, are studying harder and have made greater progress to please their boy/girl friends .
In my opinion, both views are lop-sided. If a student does not give himself/herself away in love but takes it as a drive, love produces positive effect. But if he/she indulges himself/ herself too deeply in love, then he/she will be a devoted lover but a frustrated learner.
·Int roduction
* Two different views
· Teachers’argue
* Campus love — time and energy con suming
* Campus love — should be forbidden
· Students’argue
* Campus love — natural
* Campus love — promote learning
· Conclusion
* Both views lop-sided
* Depending on how to deal with it
本文是一篇议论文。引言部分开宗明义提出师生对这一话题的争议; 主体部分分别摆出两种不同论点和论证, 结尾部分是作者的态度, 不偏不倚地加以评论。本文的命题和写作是议论文的常见模式。
controversial a. 有争议的
tear...away from 使……离弃
lag behind 落后于
univer sity authorities 校方
restore traditional regulation 恢复传统校规
students' school years 学生在学期间
romantic passion 浪漫的感情
Garden of Eden 伊甸园
Forbidden Tree 禁果
please v. 取悦于
lop-sided a. 片面的
drive n. 推动
indulge oneself in 沉缅于
devoted a. 忠实的
frustrated a. 挫败的