Decline in Morals

1. 现在社会道德滑坡现象严重,比如……

2. 我认为应该如何改变这一现状


Decline in Morals

In modern society, the decline in morals is becoming more and more severe. For example, there have been a few cases in which a senior woman pretended to have fallen over and then blackmailed the person who tried to help her. There was also another case where a little girl was hit by a car and no passers-by gave her a hand.

To solve this problem, we need first to find out the reasons. For one, the fast pace of modern society is driving people apart from each other, thus people are losing the patience to care for others. For another, with technology developing, it’s much easier for people to know what is happening in the world today. In order to draw people’s attention, some media would lay stress on negative news and overemphasize the negative effects.

To reestablish social morals, we must work together. People should learn to care for the others, while the media should treat negative news more properly.