6.M:Hello. I’m calling to see if the summer position you advertised in the paper is still available?

W:Uh, yes. Certainly. When could you come to the office for an interview?

Q:What will the man probably do?

7.M:I’m surprised that Sarah told her boss he was wrong to have fired his secretary.

W:I know. But that Sarah … if she has an opinion, everyone’s got to know it.

Q:What does the woman mean?

8.W:Excuse me, did anybody find a black umbrella after the last show? I left it under my chair.

M:As a matter of fact, we did. Check it at the ticket counter. That’s where we turn in the lost-and-found items.

Q:What does the man suggest the woman do?

9. M:How about a movie tonight? That new comedy is opening in town.

W:Sounds great, but I’ve got be finishing sketches on my psychology research paper.

Q:What does the woman imply?

10. M:Could you lend me your biology notes?

W:Do you think you’ll be able to make out my handwriting?

Q:What does the woman imply about the notes?


A) Order a newspaper.

B) Take a trip in the summer.

C) Put an advertise in the paper.

D) Go to the interviewer’s office.


A) Sara rarely makes mistakes.

B) Sara usually says what she thinks.

C) Sara’s boss is hard to work with.

D) The secretary wasn’t hard worker.


A) Look for the umbrella in the theater.

B) Ask the ticket seller about the umbrella.

C) Buy another ticket for the show.

D) Write a check for the umbrella.


A) She’d prefer to see a different type of movie than a comedy.

B) She has already finished her research paper.

C) She won’t be able to go to a movie with the man.

D) She’d like the man to help her with her research paper.


A) She left them at home.

B) She needs them right now.

C) They might be hard to read.

D) They are incomplete.