A) The man thinks the woman is wasting her time.

B) The man thinks the woman should make full use of her time.

C) The man can wait and there is no need for her to hurry.

D) The man is eager to know the woman's answer.

W: I have to think about your offer. I can't say "yes" or "no" at the moment.

M: You can take your time. It will do if you let me know your decision in a day or two.

Q: Which of the following is true?

注:1. You can take your time. 不着急。

There's no rush.

What's the rush?

2. do =do some good/ work/ help 解决问题,起作用,好用,好使


A) It was pretty good.

B) It was rather dull.

C) It was not well organized.

D) It was attended by many people.

W: Let's talk about the preparations for the party.

M: Right. We really need to plan better this time. Remember what a mess it was at the last party!

Q: What do we know about the last party?

注:1. dull (人)笨;(书)boring;(刀)钝

2. mess 乱糟糟


A) She has to change the time for the trip.

B) She hasn't decided where to go next month.

C) She can't afford the time for the trip.

D) She will manage to leave this month.

M: You’re going to make a trip to San Francisco, aren’t you?

W: Yes. But I haven’t got the plane ticket yet. I’m thinking of postponing the trip to next month since this is the busiest month for the airlines.

Q: What do we know about the woman from this conversation?

注:trip 旅行;摔跟头