A) One.

B) Four.

C) Five.

D) None.

M: I hope there weren’t many visitors when I was away yesterday.

W: There wasn’t a single one, Mr. Green. But I received four phone calls before I left the office at about 5:30.

Q: How many people visited Mr. Green’s office yesterday?

注:not a single one = none


A) Read four chapters.

B) Write an article.

C) Speak before the class.

D) Preview two chapters.

W: What is the home assignment from Professor Smith? I missed the class this morning.

M: Finish reading Chapters 5 and 6, and write an essay based on Chapters 3 and 4. Remember, it's your turn to give a presentation next Monday.

Q: What will the woman do in addition to the home assignment for the whole class?

注:提醒模式:remember, first, today, now (right now)


A) No medicine could solve the woman’s problem.

B) The woman should eat less to lose some weight.

C) Nothing could help the woman if she ate too little.

D) The woman should choose the right foods.

M: What did your doctor prescribe for you?

W: Well, he said there was no need for me to take any medicine if I ate well-balanced meals.

Q: What did the doctor say?