A) The woman enjoyed the movie very much.

B) The woman saw a horror movie.

C) The man asked the woman to be careful at night.

D) The man went to the show with the woman.

W: I still can’t get over the show last Saturday evening. I keep having frightening dreams all night.

M: So, next time before you walk into a theatre, make sure what you are going to see.

Q: What do we learn from this conversation?

注:frightening dreams 恶梦

nightmare 恶梦



It's a waste of time.

It's a waste of money.

It isn't worth the price of the admission.

It has got an awful review.



A) It will take about one month to repair the watch.

B) The woman should have saved more money.

C) It is a good idea to keep the old watch.


D) The watch is no longer worth repairing.

W: I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my watch. It was just a month ago that I had it repaired.

M: Don't waste your time and money any more. It's a very old watch and is quite worn out.

Q: What does the man mean?








4、饮食方面:apple pie 一定好吃(代表美国的传统文化traditional American)

This picnic is as American as apple pie. 典型的美式野餐。

apple pie virtue 美国的传统美德

I took the last one and it was out of the world.

Even my mother's can't match this.

You wouldn't have to force me to take another helping.

5、不谦虚 self-confidence


注:1. figure out 判断出

2. worn out (物)破旧;(人)疲惫