A) At home.

B) In a phone box.

C) In her office.

D) In a friend's house.

M: Please hold the line, Mrs. Smith. The doctor will talk to you in a minute.

W: I’m afraid I may have to hang up. I don’t have any more coins and the line will be cut soon.

Q: Where is Mrs. Smith most probably?






telephone box

telephone toll

telephone booth

telephone stand

newsstand 报亭

vegetable stand 菜摊

stands 露天座位


A) On the west side of a square.

B) At the end of a street.

C) To the east of the traffic light.

D) On the east side of a square.

M: Excuse me, but could you show me the way to the train station?

W: Certainly. Go straight until you reach the traffic light, then turn left and you will see a square. The station is on the east side of it.

Q: Where is the train station located?


A) In a hospital.

B) In a library.

C) In a travel agency.

D) In a restaurant.

M: You can get a lot of practice in giving out tickets and handling hotel reservations. Later on, you can take telephone calls.

W: That’s great! Thanks, Mr. Thomson. I’ll come to work tomorrow.

Q: Where will the woman probably be working?


book tickets 定票

make hotel reservation 订房


A) Customer and salesperson.

B) Teacher and student.

C) Boss and secretary.

D) Guest and waitress.

M: Please make 20 copies of this and deliver them to the chief executive and heads of departments.

W: Certainly, sir. They will find it on their desks tomorrow morning.

Q: What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?

注:chief executive 行政主管

chief executive officer CEO