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Turn off Your Mobile Phone

With the development of information technology and reduced price of communication products, the mobile Phone has become a necessity for most people. Obviously, it shortens the distance between people and makes our lives more convenient. Thanks to it, it's easy for us to contact or be contacted by others anytime and anywhere.

But, have you noticed that sometimes the mobile phone also brings inconvenience to others? It's not rare to see someone pressing the mobile phone to his ear and shouting loudly in public as if there were no one else present. And I'm sure each one has had such an experience that the mobile phone ring continuously on a formal occasion. Perhaps these People have many life-and-death reasons to keep the phone working at all times, but it interrupts people around them who have to hear what they don't care when they want to concentrate on what they're doing.

So if you are one of them, please switch off your cell phone in public, especially on a quiet and serious occasion. It's a respect for both others and yourself.