A: The wax from the candle is starting to drip onto the birthday cake.

B: Quick! Let’s blow out the candle.


n. 蜡,蜂蜡

vt. 给…上蜡

A: My joints are starting to weaken in my old age.

B: I’m sure your doctor could help you strengthen them.


v. (使)变弱,(使)减弱

A: She is independently wealthy .

B: I thought so by the way she dressed and carried herself.


a. 富裕的

A: What sort of weapon was he carrying?

B: I think it was a bow and arrow.


n. 武器,兵器

A: She can weave a rug in less than one week!

B: That’s amazing, considering the quality of the rugs that she makes.


v. 编,织

A: If I don’t have someone to help me weed , the garden will turn into a jungle!

B: I can help you on Friday.


n. 杂草,野草

v. 除草

A: I am willing to work on any weekday .

B: Would you also be willing to work on the weekend?


n. 平常日,工作日

A: Ever since my injury, I have to make weekly trips to the doctor.

B: That’s such a drag!


a. 每周的,一周一次的

ad. 一周一次的

n. 周报,周刊

A: Whenever I think about my cat that died. I begin to weep .

B: I know it is hard to lose a pet that you love so much.


v. 1.(为……)哭泣,流(泪);2.渗出

A: How can I fix this lamp?

B: You night need to weld the broken pieces together.


v. 焊接

n. 焊接,焊缝

A: Why do you give so much money to charity?

B: Because I’m concerned about the welfare of those less fortunate than I.


n. 1.福利;2.福利救济

A: The whale is becoming an endangered species.

B: It’s really sad how they have been so exploited over the last decade.


n. 鲸

A: I didn’t care whatsoever how she went about doing it.

B: You only cared about the results?


ad. (用于否定句中以加强语气)任何

A: I could easily walk to the theater, whereas Sarah would have had a very difficult time.

B: Well, maybe if you walked with her, she would make it just fine.


conj. 然而,但是,尽管

A: Whichever way you go, I will be there with you.

B: You can count me in too.


pron . / a. 无论哪个,无论哪些