41. Where do you think a newly couple should live? Living with their parents or on their own?

42. What responsibilities should a couple take?

43. How do Chinese usually celebrate birthdays?

44. Are there any traditions concerning the birth of a baby?

45. What kind of parent do you intend to be?

46. What do you think of One-Child Policy in China?

47. Why do people in China traditionally want to have a son?

48. What difficulties do Chinese farmers have concerning their old age?

49. What do you think needs to be done in order to relieve the farmer‘s worries?

50. What hope or fears do you have for your children?

51. What sort of culture do you hope your child will grow up in?

52. Are you going to bring up your child differently from the way you were brought up? How?

53. Do you enjoy shopping?

54. Who does most of the shopping in your family?

55. What are you good at cooking? What is your favorite dish?

56. Who does most of cooking in your family? 来源:考试大-英语四

57. Is there sex discrimination in China?

58. How do you sum up women‘s conditions in China?

59. What are the causes of sex discrimination?

60. Should government pay certain salaries to those housewives?