Now that each of you has looked over my proposal, perhaps we could briefly go over it. One of Action's top-selling lines in Taiwan is its compact washer and dryer units, models TD369 and TW246. It's no secret that they sell well at home due to their compact size and high efficiency.

My idea is to market these best-selling products in the States. You may think most Americans prefer large washers and dryers, the main products of our competitors. By selling our combination units in the States, we can tap into markets with specialized needs, such as college students with small apartments, and single and elderly people who don't do a lot of laundry.

My primary data suggests that the market is nowhere near its saturation point. This leads me to believe that there is a need which can be filled by our products.

Of course, more research needs to be conducted before we give this project the green light, but I think it's worth considering. Now I'd like to hear your views on the subject.