111. In the first place, some aspects of the traditional technology and methods are harmful and hampering the development of modern technology science.


112. Although modern science and technology have proved that such methods are absurd, there are still millions of people use such methods in many remote places nowadays.


113. In the second place, many values of traditional technology are out of date and should be replaced by modern science.


114. Although many people tend to live under the illusion that traditional technology and methods are still playing extremely important role in peoples life, an increasingevidences show that it is less useful than many people think.


115. From what has been discussed above, i firmly believe that time will prove that traditional technology and methods would die out with the development of modern science and technology. the maintenance of the traditionaltechnology and methods is futile.


116. At the time when technology means ever more harmful carbon in the air we breathe, we need these forests now more than ever.


117. Nothing is more important than to receive education.


118. We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes too much.


119. There is no denying that the qualities of our living have gone from bad to worse.


120. It is universally acknowledged that trees are indispensable to us.