eg. She works as a doctor.

As a League member, I'll take the lead in everything. 作为一名团员,事事我都要身先士卒。


eg. The moon travels round the earth once every month which is known to everybody.

As is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month.

It is known to everybody that the moon travels round the earth once every month. (主语从句)

As we have seen,the focus of medical care in our society has been shifting from curing disease to preventing disease - especially in terms of changing our many unhealthy behaviors, such as poor eating habits, smoking and failure to exercise.

3、as 充当连词来构成状语从句;

① 时间状语从句(当.....的时候),eg. As the summer comes, the day becomes shorter and shorter.

②原因状语从句(表示显而易见的原因),和since 在用法上保持一致。

eg. As she was not feeling well, we all sold her to stay at home.


③让步状语从句,although 引导的句子可以转换成as 的用法。

eg. Although she may fail....

Fail as she may

eg. Although the graph is simple.

Simple as the graph is.

eg. Although he is rich , he doesn't have any friends.

Rich as he is, he doesn't have any friends.


eg. Do as the instruction says. 按照说明书上的要求去做。

He came as we expected. 他就像我们所期待的那样来了。


eg. I'm as tall as you.


as long as 只要; such as 例如 ; as soon as 一....就...... ; so as to 为了;as if 好像;

as though 好像; just as 正如;

You can go where you like as long as you getback before dark.

你可以去你任何想去的地方,只要你在天黑之前回来。(as long as 引导条件状语从句)

He talks as if he knew all about it.

他谈起这件事来就好像什么都知道似的。(as if 引导方式状语从句,从句中常用虚拟语气)

It is just as I told you. 情况正如我跟你说的一样。(just as引导表语从句)


1、尽管他们很小, although they are small / small as they are

2、你所描述的这种人(Such people as you described) are rare nowadays.

3、This basket is 和那个一样的大(as big as that one)。


1. As the words begin to flow, the ideas will come out from the shadows and let themselves be captured on your notepad or your screen.

(分析) as是连词的作用,译为“当....时候”,引导时间状语从句

(译文) 当文字开始倾泻,观点就会明朗,自己就会跃然纸上或是呈现在你的屏幕上。

2. Most likely, you will believe that this will take more time than you actually have and you will end up staring blankly at the pages as the deadline draws near.


(译文) 很有可能,你会相信这比你实际用的时间要长,随着最终期限的临近,你就会以茫然地盯着纸这样的方式而结束。

as 可以作介词、关系代词、连词,分别引导状语、定语从句、状语从句。

It is known to everybody that

It is…that… 形式主语,强调句型


eg. It is in 1998 that I came to Beijing.

It is clear that I came to Beijing. 我来到北京这件事是显而易见的。(形式主语)