1. Everyone is busy _____ the examination in the classroom.

A. with B. for C. on D. under

答案: A

解析: 注意几个固定搭配: be busy (in) doing sth 忙于做…; be busy with sth 忙于…; busy oneself (in) doing sth 忙于做……; busy oneself with sth 忙于……。

2. I suppose you couldn’t let me borrow your car this evening, _____?

A. couldn’t I B. don’t I

C. could you D. will you


解析:suppose 后面的从句中为否定式couldn’t,而主句为肯定式,这是否定后移的用法,后面的反意疑问句要根据从句而定,故反意疑问句用肯定式could you。

3. Smoking is not good _____ you because it can affect your health.

A. for B. at C. to D. on

答案: A

解析: be good for… 对…有好处; be good at… 善长于…。

4. Henry and Bady _____ to the parties at the Trade union every Saturday.

A. are used to go B. use to go

C. used to go D. were used to go

答案: C

解析: be used to do… 被用于做…; used to do… 过去常常…。

5. _____ , the inhabitants fled.

A. The city taken B. The city having been taken

C. Having taken the city D. The city being taken

答案: B

解析: 独立主格结构。