Read the following text carefully and then translate the underlined segments into Chinese. Your translation should be written clearly on ANSWER SHEET 2.

That low moaning sound in the background just might be the Founding Fathers protesting from beyond the grave. They have been doing it ever since the Republicans announced a "religious war" in the name of "traditional values". It grew several decibels louder last week when George Bush, at a breakfast of religious leaders, attacked the Democrats for failing to mention God in their doctrines and declaimed that a President needs to believe in the Almighty. What about the constitutional ban on "religious tests". for public office? The Founding Fathers would want to know. (61) What about Tom Jefferson’s conviction that it is possible for a nonbeliever to be a moral person, "find incitements to virtue in the comfort and pleasantness you feel in its exercise"? Even George Washington must shudder in his sleep to hear the constant emphasis on "Judeo-Christian values". (62) It was he who wrote, "We have abundant reason to rejoice that in this Land … every person may here worship God according to the dictates of his own heart." George Bush should know better than to encourage the theocratic ambitions of the Christian right. (63) He has claimed -- to much ironic scorn -- that when he was shot down during World War II and lay floating in the Pacific for four hours, he meditated on "God and faith and the separation of church and state". But there could be no better themes for a patriot to address in his final moments. (64) The "wall of separation" the Founding Fathers built between church and state is one of the best defenses freedom has ever had. Or have we already forgotten why the Founding fathers put it up? They had seen enough religious intolerance in the colonies: Quaker women were burned at the stake in Puritan Massachusetts; Virginians could be jailed for denying the Bible’s authority. They knew Europe had terribly disfigured itself in a religious war recalled now only by its duration -- 30 years. (65) No wonder John Adams once described the Judeo-Christian tradition as "the most bloody religion that ever existed," and that the Founding fathers took such pains to keep the hand that holds the musket separate from the one that carries the cross.
看看华盛顿亲手写的这些话:“吾辈甚当称庆,于斯土中… 凡人皆可从心所欲,自由地崇拜神。”