A Henpecked Husband and His Wife

There was once a large, fat woman who had a small, thin husband. He had a job in a big company and was given his weekly wages every Friday evening. As soon as he got home on Fridays, his wife used to make him give her all his money, and then she used to give him back only enough to buy his lunch in his company every day.
One day, the small man came home very excited. He hurried into the living-room. His wife was listening to the radio and eating chocolates there.
“You will never guess what happened to me today, dear,” he said.
He waited for a few seconds and then added, “I won ten thousand dollars on the lottery!”
“That is wonderful!” said his wife delightedly. But then she pulled a long face and added angrily, “But how could you afford to buy the ticket?” (148 words)