C/- = case,currency,coupon 箱,通货,息票

c. =cent,centimes,centigrade 分(美),分(法),百分度(寒暑表)

C.A. = Credit Advice 收款报单

C.A.D. = cash against documents on arrival ofgood货到后凭单付款

c.a.d. = cash against documents 凭单证付现金

c.a.f.= cost and freight 成本加运费

cat. = catalogue 货品目录

C.B. = clean bill 光票

C/B = Clean Bill 光票

C.B.D. = Cash before delivery 付现金后交货

c.c. = carbon copy,cubic centimeter 副本,立方公分

C/C,C.C = Chamber of Commerce 商会

pC/D = cash against document 凭单据付款

C.D. = Collection and Delivery 托交

Cert.= Certificate 证明书

c/f = carried forward 过次页

C&F = cost and freight 运费在内价

C.F.S. = container freight station 集装箱集散场

c.f.& i. = Cost freight and insurance 运费保险费在内价

C.H. = Clearing House 票据交换所

C.I. = Certificate of Insurance 保险单

C&I = Cost and Insurance 货价及保险

c.i.a. = cash in advance 预付现金

cif,c.i.f. = cost,insurance and freight 运费保险费在内价

c.i.f.&c.= cost,insurance,freight and commission 运费,保险费,利息在内价

C.I.F.E. = Cost,Insurance,Freight and Exchange 运费,保险费,汇票在内价

C.I.F.I. = Cost,Insurance,Freight and Interest 运费,保险费,利息在内价

C.I.F.C.I.= Cost,Insurance,Freight,Commission and Interest 运费,保险费,佣金,利息在内价

CK = Check 支票

CL = collection 托收

CM = Commission 佣金

C/N.C.N. = credit note,covering note,consignment note 货方通知,保险承保单,发货通知书

C.O. = certificate of origin 产地证明书

c/o = care of carried over 烦转,过次页

Co. = company 公司

c.o.d.= cash on delivery 货到付款

Con.Inv. = Concular Invoice 领事发票

corp. = corporation 法人,公司

C/P = charter party 租船契约

cr. = credit 货方,债权人

cs = case 箱

csk.,ck = cask 樽

C.W.O.= cash with order 现金订货,下定付款

cwt. = hundred weight 衡量名

C.Y. = container yard 集装箱集散场