Do you know Eskimos (爱斯基摩人)? Let me tell you something about their   1  .

The Eskimos live near the North Pole (北极). There are only two   2   there, winter and summer, There are no spring   3   autumn there. The winter nights are   4  . You can't   5   the sun for more than two months, even at noon. The summer days are long. For more than two months, the sun never   6   and there is no night.

The Eskimos have   7   clothes. They make their clothes from the skin of animals. From these skins they make coats, caps and   8  .

Near the North Pole trees can't grow, for it is too   9   there. The Eskimos   10   make their houses from skins, snow or stones (石头). When they   11   in storm and can't   12   home, they make house of snow. They   13   these snow houses when the storm is   14  .

Life is   15   for the Eskimos, but they still like to live there.

1. A. work  B. life  C. holiday   D. families

2. A. weather   B. seasons   C. months   D. years

3. A. notB. or   C. andD. as

4. A. short B. warm C. long  D. cold

5. A. see B. watch C. look   D. look at

6. A. rises   B. goes up   C. drops D. goes down

7. A. beautiful B. metal  C. warm  D. cool

8. A. goods  B. drinksC. medicineD. shoes

9. A. cold   B. hot   C. dry  D. wet

10. A. will  B. should C. never D. have to

11. A. go out   B. go over   C. keep on   D. get on

12. A. get back B. got off  C. get onD. get in

13. A. make B. leave C. stayD. break

14. A. overB. coming  C. going  D. hard

15. A. easy B. interesting C. hard  D. lucky



1. B。根据下文得知这里介绍的是爱斯基摩人的生活(life)。

2. B。根据winter和summer判断。

3. B。no....or....表示对两者否定。

4. C。由后一句话可推断答案。冬夜很长,几乎看不到太阳,也就是没有白天,这正是北极的气候特征。

5. A。see表示“看”的结果,watch和look都表示“看”的动作。

6. D。夏天白昼长,几乎没有夜晚,太阳从不下山,所以选 go down。

7. C。他们要穿上暖和的衣服才能抵御严寒。

8. D。这里是指用动物皮来做衣服鞋帽。

9. A。北极很冷。

10. D。表示客观原因使他们不得不用特殊的材料来建房。

11. A。表示在外面遇到风暴时。

12. A。由于风暴而回不了家。

13. B。用雪造房是因为遇到风暴回不了家,风暴过后自然要离开雪房子了。

14. A。be over表示结束。

15. C。这种恶劣的气候条件下,生活是很艰难困苦的,故选hard。