I have tried many ways to be1  . I don’t wear a sweater when I2  , and two days ago I walked in the3without my shoes. But so far nothing4  . Debbie once told me about a boy in her class who liked5school. He would rub(摩擦) the end of the thermometer (温度计) until it went6to 39℃. Then he’d put it in his mouth and his mother would think he was7ill.

This morning I tried doing that but it8went above 35℃ and I rubbed it for ten9  . So I held the thermometer10the light on my desk and it went up to 40℃. I thought I’d put it in my mouth and walk downstairs like that.11my mother would take it out and she would be12when she saw that I was rather ill.
The only trouble was I didn’t know the thermometer would be so13  , As soon as I put it into my mouth I burnt my tongue(舌头)! I spit (吐) the thermometer out. It fell14the floor but it15  .
1. A . wellB. fineC. illD. bad
2. A . could  B. shouldC. mustD. might
3. A . water  B. rainC. sunD. wind
4. A . happens  B. happened C. will happen D. has happened
5. A . being away fromB. leaving
C. staying atD. being out of
6. A . on B. downC. upD. off
7. A . really  B. realC. badD. badly
8. A . can’tB. notC. never  D. didn’t
9. A . seconds  B. hoursC. minutes  D. moments
10. A . nearB. near to  C. nextD. next to
11. A . When  B. ThenC. SoD. If
12. A . worried  B. surprised  C. happy  D. frightened
13. A . coldB. hotC. warmD. cool
14. A . offB. downC. toD. on
15. A . didn’t break B. didn’t broke C. wasn’t broken D. was broken
2.B。这里应选择情态动词should, 表示在该穿毛衣的时候他不穿, 其实他就是想让自己冻出病来。
4.D。so far常与动词的现在完成时连用,表示“到目前为止”。
5.A。leave school表示“辍学、毕业离校”的动作,be away from school则表示“不上学、逃学”的状态。
10.D。next to表示“临近、非常接近”。
11.B。Then是副词,表时间上的“顺承”。 其他三选项均引导从句, 故不选。
12.A。妈妈得知孩子生病, 首先感到担心。
13.B。这里表示“烫”, 所以不能选warm。
14.D。fall on为“掉到……上”, fall off 是指“从某处摔下”, fall down是“落下”。
15.C。break为及物动词, 与主语构成动宾关系,所以用被动语态形式was broken。