Have you ever seen the advertisement: Learn a foreign language in six weeks,1give your money back? Of course, it2happens quite like that. The only language3to learn is the mother language. And think4practice is needed for that. Before the Second World War people usually learned a foreign language5the literature(文学) of the country. Now most people want to6a foreign language. Every year millions of people start learning7  .

How do they do it? Some people try at home8books and tapes, others go to evening classes or watch TV programs.9they use the language only 2 or 3 times a week, learning it will10a long time, like language learning at school. A few people try to learn a language fast by studying for 6 or11hours a day. It's much easier to learn the language in the country where it12  . But most people are13 to do this, and many people don't have to do so. Machines and good books will be very14, but they can not do the students' work.15the language is learned quickly or slowly, it is hard work.
1. A. soB. orC. andD. but
2. A. can'tB. impossibleC. neverD. often
3. A. easilyB. difficult C. ableD. easy
4. A. how much B. how longC. how fastD. how many
5. A. studied  B. to studyC. studying D. study
6. A. talkB. tell C. speakD. say
7. A. them B. this C. that D. it
8. A. without  B. withC. in  D. by
9. A. If B. When C. Since  D. Until
10. A. spend B. useC. takeD. cost
11. A. some  B. moreC. other  D. less
12. A. speaksB. is speaking  C. spoke  D. is spoken
13. A. able  B. possible C. unable D. not possible
14. A. careful  B. forgetful  C. wonderfulD. helpful
15. A. eitherB. whetherC. whatD. how
1. B。这里的or是“否则”的意思。
2. C。根据作者的观点,这种事绝对不可能发生。impossible是一个形容词,不符语法,can’t后不可能跟happens,often意思与作者的意图相反。
3. D。唯一容易学的语言是母语。这里需要一个形容词充当后置定语。
4. A。用来修饰不可数名词,只有用how much,全句意为“母语好学,还需要那么多的练习。”何况外语呢?。
5. B。动词不定式充当目的状语。意为“学习外语来研究文学”。
6. C。说某种语言用speak,speak English,speak Chinese。
7. D。用it代指上文所说的a foreign language。
8. B。这里的with是“用”的意思。
9. A。作者在这里提出一种假设。如果他们一星期只有一两次使用外语。
10. C。固定短语,意为“做某事花费某人多长时间”。
11. B。后面省略了than 6 hours。意为6个小时或更多的时间。
12. D。it 代指上文所指的foreign language,故用被动被态。
13. C。许多人不可能做到这一点。这里不可以用not possible,因为它的主语不可以用人。
14. D。机器和书对于学习英语来说是很有帮助的。
15. B。whether …or…固定短语。