One of America’s most important export is her modern music. __1__

American popular music is playing all over the world. It is enjoyed __2__ by people of all ages in all countries.
Because the lyrics are English, __3__ nevertheless people not speaking English enjoy it.
The reasons for its popularity are its fast pace and rhythmic beat.
The music has many origins in the United States. Country music, coming from the suburban areas in the southern United States, is one __4__source.
Country music features simple themes and melodies describing day-to-day situations and the feelings of country people.
Many people appreciate this music because the emotions expressed by country __5__ music songs.
A second origin of American popular music is the blues. It depicted __6__ mostly sad feelings reflecting the difficult lives of American blacks.
It is usually played and sung by black musicians, but it is not popular with __7__ all Americans.
Rock music is a newer form of music. This music style, featuring fast and repetitious rhythms, was influenced by the blues and country music.
It is first known as rock-and- roll in the 1950’s. Since then there __8__ have been many forms of rock music, hard rock, soft rock, punk rock, disco music and others. Many performers of popular rock music are young musicians.
American popular music is marketed to a demanding audience.Now popular songs are heard on the radio several times a day. Somesongs become popular all over the world. People hear these songs sing __9__ in their original English or sometimes translated into other languages.
The words may coincide but the enjoyment of the music is universal. __10__
1. 改export为exports
export作可数名词时指出口商品,同时根据one of 结构也可以知道这里export要用复数结构.
2. 改playing为played
动词play和句子主语American popular music是逻辑动宾关系,必须用被动语态.
3. 改Because为Though或者Although
4. 改suburban为rural
5. 改because为because of
6. 改depicted为depicts
本句错在时态.句意为 “blues大多抒发哀伤情感,反映美国黑人的艰难生活.”为与全文主导时态一致,不能用过去时.此外,blues现在的风格依旧,故用现在时.
7. 将not去掉.
8. 改is为was
此句有过去时间状语 in the 1950’s, 陈述过去的一个事实,故用一般过去时态.
9. 改sing为sung
sung 引导过去分词短语作宾语补足语,表被动意思.
10. 改coincide为differ(在may后加not也可以)