Whenever you see an old film, even one made as little asten years before, you can’t help being strucked by the __1__ appearance of the women taking part.

Their hair styles and make-up look date; their skirts look either too long or too __2__ short; their general appearance is, in fact, slightly ludicrous.
The men taking part, on other hand, are clearly recognizable. __3__ There is nothing about their appearance to suggest that they belong to an entire different age.
This illusion is created __4__ by changing fashions. Over the years, the great minority of men __5__ have successfully resisted all attempts to make it change their __6__ style of dress.
The same cannot be said for women. Each year, a fewer so-called top designers in Paris and London lay down __7__ on the law and women around the world run to obey.
The __8__ decrees of the designers are unpredictable and dictatorial.
Sometime they decide arbitrarily, that skirts will be short and __9__ waists will be height; hips are in and buttons are out. __10__
1. strucked改为struck或者stricken
2. date改为dated或者outdated
3. on other hand 改为 on the other hand
4. entire改为entirely
5. minority改为majority
6. it改为them
them指代the great majority of men。
7. fewer改为few
lay down为习语,表示“规定(规则,原则,法规等)”。
9. sometime改为 sometimes。
10. height改为high
形容词作be 的表语