Transport can be a major expense for many companies,especially when cars have to be provided for both managerial and sale staff. __1__ As a result, it’s important to keep a close eye at the many costs __2__ associated with company cars and how these different costs compare.

The moment a new car is driven away from the showroom,its value will drop as much as 12 percent. This is what is __3__ known as depreciation and is the largest single cost to the buyer of a new vehicle. Depreciation is the highest in the __4__ first two years of a vehicle’s life: at the end of that period a car could be worth just the third of its brand new price. __5__ Although the rate of depreciation decreases as time goes by, it remains a major cost factor, as around 85 percent of company vehicles are brought brandly new. __6__ However, it is important to know that some cars depreciate much more than others——regardless of price. This is often __7__to do with rarity and prestige value. The more common the car, the more quickly, in general, it loses vaule. Exported __8__ models, which are restricted in number, can hold their value better than those are produced domestically and widely available. __9__ In the same way, depreciation on a new model of a particular make may be low for the first few years after their launch. __10__ This happened when diesel cars were first introduced. They depreciated more slowly when they were rarely seen; now that they are relatively common, this is no longer true.
1. sale—sales。名词做定语时一般用单数形式,但在个别情况下也需要用复数。此处sales便是这种情况。再如 arms race 军备竞赛,savings bank储蓄银行。
2. at—on。keep an eye on为固定搭配。
3.drop后面加by。by与as much as 12 percent结合,做谓语动词drop的表示程度的状语。
4. 删除highest之前的the考试大
5. the—a。序数词表示次序时要用定冠词修饰。
6. brandly—brand。“崭新地”习惯用brand new或brand-new,此处修饰brought,做状语,意义相当于“崭新地”。
7. more—less。less所在的句子是该段落的主题句,据该段落的细节可知应为less。
8. Exported—Imported。根据常识,进口车由于其进口的数量受到限制,有可能比国产车贬值得慢一些。
9. are之前加which/that 或 删除are。要么使用定语从句修饰those,妖媚用形容词做those的补足语。
10. their—its/the。据上下文,its或the指代或特指a new model of a particular make。