Suppose(假设) you are going to Boston, and you   1   the city

before. If someone   2   you about the interesting places in the city, you   __3   to get some ideas of what you will see. But don’t have a  4__idea of where these places are or of how to find   5  . However,   6__   someone has a map of the city and   7   you the main roads and buildings, you may say, “ Oh, now I see . I can find my way with   8__   trouble at all ”. Working in math is somewhat(有点儿) like trying to find your way   9   a new city. Perhaps the words may tell you some  information and you have   10   it, but you can’t see any clear road   11   the answers.

Maybe you   12   a kind of map of the main roads in maths  13__   you find your way. Explore(探究)what lies in maths, and   14   to find

the main roads. They will   15   you to the answer. If you can find the “map”, the maths problems will be easily worked out.

1. A. are going to visitB. once visited

C. have never visited  D. have ever visit

2. A. answersB. showsC. meetsD. tells

3. A. beginB. likeC. learnD. refuse

4. A. cleverB. clearC. strangeD. wrong

5. A. someoneB. Boston C. them D. it

6. A. ifB. thoughC. whetherD. since

7. A. helpsB. givesC. passesD. shows

8. A. not B. no C. some  D. much

9. A. of B. to C. in D around

10. A. thought overB. heard about

C. written downD talked with

11. A. with B. for C. of D to

12. A. need to haveB. don’t needC needn’tD. in need of

13. A. help B. to helpC. helps D help with

14. A. try your bestB. take your place

C. look up  D walk on

15. A. keep B. send C. lead D. ask




1.C。下文表明:你要去的是一个一点儿都不熟悉的城市,说明以前没有去过。故选have never visited。

2.D。show意为“带领某人参观某地”或“向某人展示某物”;tell sb. about sth. 意为“告诉某人关于……的情况。根据下文可知tell为正确选项。



5.C。指代上文出现的interesting places应用them。


7.D。show sb. sth.意为“把……给某人看”,合符文意,为正确选项。



10.A。做数学题时,你肯定要对题目中所给的信息进行思考。故应选thought over。

11.D。the road to the answers意为“解决问题的路径”,to为正确选项。

12.A。根据上文列举的根据地图找名胜的例子可知,做数学题目也需要“地图”。故应选need to have。

13.B。这里应该用动词不定式to help you find your way作目的状语才合符句意。

14.A。try one’s best to do sth.意思是“尽某人最大的努力去做某事”,为正确选项。

15.C。“lead sb. to某地”意思是“引导某人到达某地”。