Friends are very important in our everyday life. Everyone   1__   friends. We all like to feel close to someone. __2__ is nice to have a friend to talk, laugh, and do things with.   3  , sometimes we need to be alone. We don’t always want people   4  . But we would feel lonely if we __5__ had a friend.

No two people are   6  . Friends   7   don’t get on well. That doesn’t mean that they no longer like each other. Most of the time they will make up (言归于好) and become   8   again.

Sometimes friends move away. Then we feel very   9  . We miss them very much, but we can   10   them and write to them. And we can   __11   new friends. It is encouraging to find out how much we like new people when we get to know them.

There’s more good news for people who have friends. They live   __12__ than people who don’t. Why? Friends can make us feel happy. __13__ happy helps you stay well. Or it could be just done that someone cares. If some one cares about you, you take   14   care of   15  .

1.A. loves B. hates C. needs D. becomes

2. A. It   B. He  C. There   D. Someone

3. A. Hardly B. NearlyC. Suddenly D. Certainly

4. A. aloneB. away  C. all over  D. around

5. A. ever B. never   C. just   D. really

6. A. friendly  B. kind  C. just the same D. quite different

7 A. always B. sometimes C. oftenD. usually

8. A. friendly   B. good  C. pleased D. friends

9. A. angry   B. sad C. happy   D. alone

10. A. call   B. ask  C. tell D. talk with

11. A. look for B. find C. make D. know

12. A. longerB. shorter  C. slower  D. faster

13. A. Smelling  B. Being   C. Sounding D. Making

14. A. less   B. better   C. little   D. no

15. A. you   B. your C. yours  D. yourself




1.C。根据上文,friends are very important. 可以知道每个人都需要朋友, 故选needs。

2.A。这里应用it做形式主语,代替后面真正的主语,即to have a friend。


4.D。根据上一句we need to be alone,可以知道我们有时也不希望周围一直有人相伴,故选around。


6.C。根据句意,世界上没有两个人是相同的,故选just the same。


8.D。根据上半句they will make up可以知道产生分歧的朋友也会和好如初。故选friends。


10.A。根据常识,思念朋友时,我们可以通过打电话和写信来和朋友联络, 故选call。

11.C。make friends为固定结构,意思是“交朋友”。

12.A。根据上句中“good news”, 可以知道这里应该是长寿,又因为句中有than, 可以知道应填比较级,故选longer。

13.B。根据题意,心情好,有助于身体健康。这里用动名词短语充当主语,happy是形容词,前面应添上be动词,故选 being 。


15.D。根据题意,这里表示“自己照顾自己“,故选yourself 。