there's so much for me to talk about in terms of traditions of family and community as a chinese. confucius alone gave us much food for thought which is still being advocated but hardly practiced today. for example, 'self-cultivation, regulating the family, managing the nation, and establishing peace all over the world', a standard conduct of the chinese society for thousands of years, is eclipsed by individual thirst to glean more fortune.

how one's own fortune goes curtainly prevail over how a nation's does. in china the ammount of bribe money is astonishingly large and the number of corrupt officials which have been brought to the justice is not as large as those who are not yet. why do these civil servants risk their fame and even lives in defiance of law? greed and selfishness account for it. corrupton among public service is but a drop in the ocean when it comes to the demise of the morality. as i walked around the downtown the other day, i found people, with their fancy clothes and stylish hairdos ,appear too materialistic,which is not to my liking. wasn't there a time when things were simpler and people were more humble?once bogged down in private interest, one finds oneself blinded by the greed and selfishness.
advocating the traditional moral values about family and community is definitely necessary. actually it has adopted by the chinese government as a key policy
to run the coounty by combining the rule of law with the rule of virtue ,which is the essence of confucianism. i know modernization is necessary for advancement .however ,i hope we will forget the traditional moral values along the way.