1.Over / above

"Over"和"above"这两个介词的意思是在…….上面。“我们可以说(1)The sky is above our heads,也可以说(2)The sky is over our heads.我们也可以说(3)He Spread his handkerchief over his face.但不能说*(4)He spread his handkerchief above his face. 同样的,可以说(5)John has travelled all over the world以及 (6)The King reigns over a great empire,但是(5)和(6)里的 "over"却不可以"above"取代。
2.bring / take



(7) Bring me the book, please.


(8)Take the dictionary away from me .


3.Certain / sure


(9) We are certain to come to the party. / Tom is sure to come today.

(10) I am not certain whether I will be able to do it. / Are you sure that you will do it?

(11) It is certain that Jason will leave me.

(12) It is sure that Jason will leave me.

4. rob / Steal


"Steal"的宾语通常是被偷的东西,如“钱,手表”之类。"Rob" 的宾语必须是“人”或“地方”。如:

(13) A thief entered her house and stole her valuables.

(14) A stranger robbed a passer-by.

(15) Who robbed the bank last night?

5.chase / follow


(16)The cat chased the mouse and caught it soon after.

(17)The puplis followed the teacher to the classroom.

(18)There was a thrilling car chase in the film.

(19) Social unrest follows widespread unemployment.

(20) I could not follow what he was saying.