Once Einstein gave a lecture in many places in America. His driver always listened to him and knew the lecture so well that he was sure be could give it himself. So Einstein agreed that the driver gave the lecture him.

As nobody knew Einstein there, the driver gave the lecture for Einstein that evening. At first he was a bit afraid, but Einstein's smile made him feel better. He gave a good lecture and the people were quite pleased.

Then the driver started to leave and Einstein followed him without a word. When they got to the door, a man asked the driver a difficult question.

The driver said that the question was very easy, and told the man to ask his driver behind to answer it.


Einstein gave the (1) ______ lecture again and again. His driver (2) ______ to his lecture so many times (3) ______ he wanted to give it (4) ______. When Einstein knew it, he let the driver (5) ______ the lecture for him that night. The driver gave a (6) ______ lecture and the great scientist was quite pleased.

When they were (7) ______ the lecture room, a man asked the driver a question. To show (8) ______ easy the question was, the driver asked Einstein who followed him (9) ______ to answer it (10) ______ of him.


1.same     2.listened     3.that     4.himself              5.give

6.good     7.leaving      8.how      9.quietly(behind)      10.instead