The backing of Canadian banks and pension funds would be central to a BlackBerry rescue plan led by Prem Watsa’s Fairfax Financial, the Canadian smartphone maker’s biggest shareholder, according to analysts.
分析师称,加拿大各银行和养老基金的支持将成为由普雷姆 沃特萨(Prem Watsa)的Fairfax Financial金融服务集团牵头的黑莓(BlackBerry)救助计划的关键。Fairfax Financial是这家加拿大智能手机制造商的最大股东。

Mr Watsa, whose Toronto-based investment firm owns 9.9 per cent of BlackBerry, is attempting to pull together a buyout consortium that would include Canadian banks and pension funds which together own a further stake of about 17 per cent, these analysts said.

Mr Watsa, a long-term value investor who has been described as Canada’s Warren Buffett, stepped down from BlackBerry’s board on Monday as the company set up a special committee to consider options including joint ventures, partnerships or an outright sale.
沃特萨是一位长期价值型投资者,有加拿大的沃伦 巴菲特(Warren Buffett)之称。他周一退出黑莓董事会,当时该公司建立了一个特别委员会,考虑包括合资、合作或直接出售等选择。

Mr Watsa cited potential conflicts of interest for his decision, but emphasised that he had no intention of selling his shares.

“We think Prem Watsa’s resignation from the board supports a possible LBO [leveraged buyout] scenario,” said Peter Misek at Jefferies. “We believe Fairfax along with other Canadian pension funds and banks are considering taking BlackBerry private.”
“我们认为,普雷姆 沃特萨退出董事会表明,未来可能会出现杠杆收购,”Jefferies的彼得 麦瑟克(Peter Misek)表示,“我们认为,Fairfax以及加拿大其他一些养老基金和银行正考虑将黑莓私有化。”

Speculation about a possible “Canadian rescue” for the Waterloo, Ontario-based company which became the country’s flagship technology group after Nortel Networks filed for bankruptcy in January 2009, has been fuelled in recent weeks by comments made by several Canadian pension fund chiefs.
加拿大数家养老基金掌门人近几周的言论,加剧了可能对黑莓实行“加拿大式救助”的猜测。黑莓总部位于安大略省滑铁卢市,在北电(Nortel Networks)于2009年1月申请破产后,黑莓成为加拿大旗舰科技集团。

Mark Wiseman, chief executive of Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, who runs the country’s second-largest pension-fund management firm, told Bloomberg last Friday that he would consider an investment in BlackBerry if the company decided to go private. Several other pension fund leaders have made similar comments.
加拿大养老金计划投资委员会(Canada Pension Plan Investment Board)首席执行官马克 怀斯曼(Mark Wiseman)上周五告诉彭博(Bloomberg),如果黑莓决定私有化,他将考虑投资。其他几家养老基金首席执行官也发表过类似的言论。怀斯曼经营着加拿大第二大养老基金管理公司。

Mr Watsa did not return calls seeking comment. Canada Pension Plan Investment Board declined to elaborate on Mr Wiseman’s comments.