A man once had a dream about the Black Forest in Germany. In his dream he was walking in the forest 1 two men ran out and tried to 2 him on the ground. He ran off as fast as he 3 ,but they 4 . He reached a place where he saw two separate roads in front of him. One to the right and 5 to the left. Which road 6 he take? He heard the two men behind him, 7 nearer and nearer,and 8 he heard a voice in his car. It 9 him to go to the right,and he did 10 .He ran 11 and soon came to a small hotel. He 12 there kindly and given a room, and so he was saved from the two men.
Twenty years 13 he was again in the Black Forest and,as happened in the dream 14 , two men ran out and tried to 15 him down. He ran off and came to a place 16 two roads,as in the dream. He 17 the dream and took the road 18 . He soon 19 a small hotel, was taken in,and so was safe. His dream of twenty years 20 had saved his life.
1. A. where          B. suddenly    C. until            D. when
2. A. throw          B. catch        C. keep            D.take
3. A.did             B. would        C. could           D. might
4. A. followed       B.stopped       C.caught him       D. went away
5. A. one another    B.other         C. the other       D.next
6. A. would          B. did          C.should           D.might
7. A.getting         B. a bit        C. much            D. came
8. A. at a time      B.for some time C.at the same time D. after a time
9. A. shouted at     B. showed       C. told            D. needed
10. A. it            B. that         C.so               D. too
11. A. off           B.on            C.away             D. over
12. A. stood         B. was received C. got             D. was refused
13. A.ago            B. before       C.later            D. since
14. A.too            B. now          C. once            D.again
15. A.laying         B. ask          C. pulling         D. throw
16. A. before        B. of           C.with             D. between
17. A. thought about B. went back to C.kept in mind     D. remembered
18. A. in the middle B.to the right  C.to the left      D. to a hotel
19. A. left          B. entered      C. reached         D.saw
20. A. long          B. before       C. later           D. old