Yesterday was Jim's birthday. He got a lot of presents from his friends and 1 . All the gifts were 2 in colorful paper. Some of the packages were large; but 3 were very small. 4 were heavy; and others were light, one square package was blue, there was a book in it. Another one was long and 5 ;it had an umbrella in it. Jim's father gave him a big, 6 package. He 7 it was a ball but it was 8 . When he removed the yellow paper he saw that it was a globe of the world.
9 his brother gave Jim 10 gift. It was a big box 11 green paper. Jim opened it and forund another box in red paper. He 12 the paper and saw a third box, this one was blue in color.
Everyone 13 as Jim opened the boxes. There were 14 . In the last one he found 15 envelope. There was a piece of paper in the envelope. It 16 “Go to the big bedroom. Look in the closet near the high window. You will see three suitcases: a black 17 ,a brown one and a gray one. Your birthday present is in one of these.”
Jim went in the large bedroom. He went to the closet and began 18 the suitcases. He had to open all of them 19 he saw his brother's present. He was very happy. It was 20 what Jim wanted: a portable typewriter.
1. A. family         B. members       C. students          D. boss
2. A. taken up       B. wrapped up    C. held up           D.used up
3. A. the other      B. the others    C. others            D. other
4. A. Ones           B.They           C. Theirs            D. Some
5. A. narrower       B.narrow         C. longer            D. wider
6. A. round          B. ball          C.around             D. circle
7. A. thought        B. hoped         C. wished            D. regard
8. A. so             B. such          C. not               D. none
9. A. Following that B. After that    C. Later that        D. Followed that
10. A. another       B. again         C. one another       D. others
11. A. wearing       B. having on     C.put on             D. in
12. A. covered       B. removed       C. held              D. taken
13. A.smiling        B. laughed       C.cheer              D. joys
14. A. six them      B. six of them   C. the sixth of them D.six of the them
15. A. white small   B. white small a C. small a white     D. a small white
16. A .talked        B. told          C. goes              D. said
17. A. one           B. that          C. it                D. another
18. A. to close      B. opened        C. opens             D. opening
19. A. until         B. before        C. till              D. after
20. A. nothing else  B.nobody except  C. just              D. no more than